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Testimonial 2017-05-16T22:02:19+00:00

Dear Sheikh Ahmed Fadil,
I came across your web site while I was hunting who can solve my problems… I was suffering from hard black magic, something very strange which is within myself or in house.. (In my dream) see myself doing lots of dirty thing or bringing dirt in my house and I am losing my money, Block of money, tension and my mind not working and feeling very desperate …strange…lonely
My wife do same sort of dreams too Not getting any success from any  Spiritual heals. Don’t get on with friend or family It’s like a barrier in our life. We call Spiritual healer Sheikh Ahmed Fadil  and visited his him.Sheikh read our  palm and face and gave us 99% correct reading and advised us some spiritual remedies and with in 1 weeks we feeling 90% better then before and now we are very happy.
-Thanks Sheikh
Mr Patel .London

Hello Sheikh,
I was with a girl for 3 years. We were in love and agreed to get married as we were the right age and cared and loved each other a lot. Our families were happy and united as 1 big family. Suddenly we were arguing a lot and disagreeing and she ended it with me even though I was deeply in love, she left me and cancelled all wedding arrangements and left me utterly heartbroken.Sheikh helped me and gave strong Spiritual advice for  7 days of what to do and when to do it. Slowly she changed her mind and saw I was good for her and can love her properly and she stopped listening to jealous friends and negative thoughts in her mind. She was very stubborn normally but apologized for how she acted and has now decided she wants to marry me and start a new life with me as she loves me. We will marry this year.
-Thank you Sheikh  for your powerful Spiritual work.
Shahid Ali

Dear Sheikh Ahmed Fadil,

Thank you for all you have done for me.  Once upon a time my life was very miserable with money problems, debt, and bad marriage problems.  I thought that I would get divorced because my husband was very distant from me and we were always having terrible arguments.  But since the day I consulted you sheikh  and all the spiritual help and  remedies you have done for me –  they have been a blessing for my life.  My life has completely changed for the better, I never thought that my life would ever become fruitful again.  I am once again happy with my husband and our money problems have drifted away.  Thank you sheikh, you saved me from a terrible fate.
Mrs khan